3 ELD Myths Debunked

Understanding everything about e-logs is hard, and the upcoming April 1st deadline makes for a stressful upcoming few weeks if you haven’t complied with the ELD mandate. While common myths around electronic logging devices include government interference and hours of service (HOS) violation reports, we understand these aren’t the only misconceptions about ELDs and the ELD mandate. We’ve gone even deeper into debunking these myths so you can separate fact from fiction when it comes to e-logs and compliance.

ELDs Are Expensive and Unaffordable

The reason you drive is to make money, so being forced to shell out tons for an ELD just to do your job would be understandably frustrating. Luckily, the idea that ELDs are extremely costly is completely false. With My20 ELD from Konexial, you pay no upfront fees for installation or hardware, and a subscription to the app is only $25 per month. That’s the same as giving up eating out for just two meals in the entire month.

ELDs Can Shut Down Trucks

The ELD mandate in no way requires ELDs to come equipped with shutdown technology, so My20 ELD does not support the remote shutdown feature. The ELD mandate was not designed to police vehicles and HOS; e-logs exist to help drivers better comply with HOS rules and regulations by monitoring and altering them to when they near the HOS limit.

Smartphones Alone Are Enough for ELD Mandate Compliance

Unfortunately, your smartphone alone cannot function as an accurate electronic logging device. While smartphone-based ELDs utilize the power of the technology you already own, they require some additional e-log hardware. The ELD mandate requires ELDs connect to your vehicle’s diagnostic port, so smartphones alone don’t fit the bill. E-logs like My20 ELD from Konexial make it as easy as possible to comply with the ELD mandate: simply attach hardware to your vehicle’s diagnostic port, connect via Bluetooth with the app, and you’re ready to go.

ELD Mandate Compliance with My20 ELD 

Are you crunched for time when it comes to ELD mandate compliance? My20 ELD is a great option. From independent owner/operators and huge fleets, Konexial’s telematics technology keeps you driving legally and in compliance. Contact us today to learn more about our electronic logging devices and how they can work for you.